Target Your Services, Products and Technologies to the Right Readers

Let’s say you sell brake lights for heavy duty vehicles. Advertising in the type of magazine you pick up at the grocery store is not going to get you anywhere. But advertising in a magazine specific to transportation equipment―that is mailed directly to the purchasing powers working in this industry―will yield results.

This is the power of association-driven magazines. 

Association magazines are all about industry. A trucking magazine is going to feature articles about trucking. It’s going to include interviews with trucking experts. It’s going to showcase trucking-related products. And, provided it’s done right, it’s going to be read by the very people you want to target your trucking-related products to.

This example is applicable across the board. Association magazines make good business sense because you know who is reading these magazines. You know their interests because you know what association they belong to. You can target your ads and reap the rewards.

Our magazines are all direct-mailed to our clients’ members. Most of publications are also scheduled around industry events that our associations are involved in. This includes conferences (like AGMs or member meetings), as well as stand-alone industry events that our clients and the industry they serve see value in.

Distribution is unique to each of our titles, so make sure to contact us to find out the details specific to each publication you’re interested in.

Finding the Right Fit

Our magazines feature ads of all shapes and sizes. Big budget or small, our sales team will work with you to ensure that whatever you decide on gives you value for your dollars spent.

Our ad specs are shown on the right.

Other options include:

  • Advertorial: An advertorial is laid out in the magazine to look like an article. Features often include an article, photos, quotes, logos, etc. It is identified as an ad (with Advertorial located somewhere on the page), but has the look and feel of an article.
  • Inserts: We offer a number of options for inserts, including full pollybagging and glue-dotting services.
  • Tools of the Trade: A number of our magazines include sections that showcase new tools and technologies specific to their industries. An advertiser may be featured in one of these sections, if the product is a fit and if our clients approve. 

Want to know more? Contact us for information on the titles we publish, the industries we cover, and to receive media kits for the publications that you’re interested in.